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About Us

Medline’s managing director, said:

Vasanth Chakilam (Managing Director and NHS Doctor) - “We at Medline work hard to ensure that every candidate receives the high level of service that I myself would expect from a recruitment company”

Medline was built from the ground up by a group of doctors who carry years of experience and expertise in the medical locum field, and understand the needs of client's.

Whilst Medline offers our clients highly competitive rates, we also pay our doctors and nurses some of the best rates in the country.

Medline Recruitment has been audited by Nueven Solutions against the NHS standards and have achieved an audit score of over 97% - Diamond Result.

As a corporate member of Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) we strictly adhere to standards set by REC code of professional practice and what our clients and doctors say about us testifies to our firm commitment to always provide the highest standard of services.

Medline Recruitment always strives hard to match the right person with the right kind of job. High professional standards delivered by a dedicated team of experienced and qualified recruitment consultants have been the key to our success.

With ever-increasing recruitment challenges, our clients and candidates continue to benefit from our flexible and innovative approach.


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