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"Since l started working with Medline l realized my relocation process was smooth. The agent, Usha was receptive and could explain well-allaying anxiety regardless of the time. Thumbs up for the expeditious time and efficiency. l will not hesitate to recommend my friends to Medline..  

Senzeni Says:

16 Jun, 2021

"It's a good Agency, professional, fast and has a good and caring staff. I would recommend it to any nurse willing to relocate to the UK..

Agnes Kawira Micheni Says:

16 Jun, 2021

"I am glad I chose Medline Recruitment for my Nursing Overseas Journey(UK). Extremely reliable and pretty fast once all documents have been submitted. Usha and Ravi have literally walked with me hand in hand and I couldn't be more grateful. I highly recommend Medline for a smooth transition into the UK. And will continue spreading the word for as many nurses as possible to benefit from the exemplary services as I have..  

Mary Mukui Says:

16 Jun, 2021

"Great recruitment company, they were prompt in answering questions and other clarifications, I recommend them again..

Casiene Brandie Baker Says:

16 Jun, 2021

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