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"I have recently started working with medline recruitment and I can say this with full conviction that its a privilege working with them, the team is very thorough and professional. They have always found me good work and excellent rates even though I always give them a short notice. I would say keep up the good work especially Mohan and Gavin to name a few..  

Dr Umar Khan Says:

25 Jul, 2018

"I am very happy to provide this testimonial for Medline Recruitment. I have worked with them for over several years, and have always found them to be friendly, professional and prompt in their payments. I would be very delighted to work with this agency in the future and would definitely recommend Medline Recruitment to my colleagues. They work hard to help you..  

Dr Bobby Hariharadas Says:

25 Jul, 2018

"It has been an excellent experience working with Medline Recruitment. There are plenty of shifts available to fit my schedule. I would definitely recommend this agency to my friends and colleagues..

Dr Ranjit Gunda Says:

25 Jul, 2018

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