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UK Offices  

Medline Recruitment,
1 West Regent St
Glasgow, G2 1RW

Medline Recruitment,
Jubilee House, 3 The Drive
CM13 3FR

Medline Recruitment,
Suit K2, 4-5 Woodburn House
Aberdeen, AB15 7TS


India Offices

1st Floor Medline Recruitment,
P3 Towers
Vittal Rao Nagar Rd
Vittal Rao Nagar
Telangana 500081

Medline Recruitment
B1-304, Palladium
Nr, Rivera Blues,
Corporate Road
Prahlad Nagar


Call Us :
Doctors Temporary Team- 020 3880 8010

Nurses Temporary Team- 020 8610 9540

Nurses International Team- 020 3880 9606

Fax: 020 3292 1951

Email Us :

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