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Middle East Doctors

Medline have a variety of Middle East Job opportunities for doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, paramedics, and non-clinical professionals. For healthcare professionals seeking to advance their careers and explore new horizons in the Middle East, these opportunities present a compelling proposition. The GCC countries are known for offering competitive salaries, tax-free income, excellent benefits, and a high standard of living, making them attractive destinations for professionals in the healthcare field.


Working in the Middle East can be an enriching experience, providing exposure to a multicultural environment and the opportunity to contribute to healthcare systems in dynamic and rapidly developing regions


We have a variety of fantastic opportunities for Consultant level Doctors across the GCC countries (United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman). All positions are permanent, with unlimited, full-time contract or two years fixed term contract with the option to extend.Requirements


To work as a consultant level doctor in the Middle East, candidates need to meet certain minimum requirements to ensure they possess the necessary qualifications and experience as follows

· American Board of Medical Specialty Certificate (ABMS)

· UK or Irish Certificate of Completion of Training/Specialist Training (CCT or CCST)

· Fellowship of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada, Australia or New Zealand

· Inclusion on GMC Specialist Register or equivalent in the USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand.

· Surgeons will have to have at least two years post CCT/US Board/Fellowship experience at a Consultant level.

· German Board – Facharzt, Oberarzt

· French Board – DIS, DES, CIS, CES

· Spanish board


One of the most attractive aspects of working in the Middle East is the tax-free salary and access to the following benefits:

Benefits Include:


· Free accommodation or accommodation allowance

· Free flights at the beginning and end of contract

· Relocation allowance or free yearly flight to home country

· Private health insurance

· Malpractice insurance

· End of service bonus (pension equivalent)

· Multicultural working environment

· Working with the most high-end reputable hospital groups in the Middle East.

· Opportunity to earn significantly higher salary once you have built your patient base and referral network.


For those interested in exploring these opportunities further or learning more about the requirements, they can browse the current vacancies or contact for additional information.

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