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Our clients

Medline hold a number of exclusive contracts as you would expect from a leading agency; but also understand that the only way to help leading healthcare organisations such as the NHS, is to work closer together.
As a result we have established partnerships with a number of other contracting bodies for the purpose of to better regulate the industry and offer better market access and transparency to our stakeholders, without the need to compromise on quality and volume of supply.











Medline is proud to work with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), the trade body that represents the entire recruitment industry. With over 8000 agencies signed up, the REC is the largest lobbying voice and source of knowledge. Dedicated to raising the standards of recruitment, they ensure all partners adhere to a strict code of practice.



Medline is a proud supporter of the London Procurement Programme (LPP)/ Collaborative Procurement Partnership (CPP) and have been awarded framework status to supply medical personnel from 2016-2018 through a thorough tendering process. Medline beat hundreds of alternative suppliers and relish the opportunity to work closely with an organisation that is having such a large impact upon the NHS.
This framework covers much of England, ranging from the North all the way down South.
In order to be appointed, Medline have had to demonstrate achievements in the area of healthcare recruitment, and show the positive impact it has had, and will continue to have upon the NHS.  Medline supplies all specialties and grades of staff, and is constantly adapting to support the NHS’s need to fill skills shortages.
Vasanth Chakilam (Managing Director and NHS Doctor) - “Working in partnership with the LPP/CPP is very important to me. I see this as a big step forward for Medline and the services we can deliver to our hardworking candidates.”



Medline is pleased to announce our appointment to the Health Trust Europe Framework (HTE). Due to our comprehensive qualification, meticulous audit and tender processes, Medline has been appointed to the HTE framework which covers area’s across the country.
The framework requirements have an emphasis of demonstrating a high level of compliance. We meet these needs by ensuring that our compliance teams are working with HTE to ensure that all policies and procedures are adhered to, and any upcoming changes to legislation are adopted ahead of time to allow us time to manage all candidates efficiently.
Vasanth Chakilam (Managing Director and NHS Doctor) - “The HTE has the NHS’s interests at heart, just like Medline. We welcome this partnership and look forward to being able to deliver on more contracts for our candidates.”





Medline is pleased to been awarded a place on the National Services Scotland Framework Agreement. With so few agencies having been awarded this honour, we have exclusive access to all NHS locum doctor jobs in Scotland. Due to the skilled staff shortages in Scotland, this is a fantastic opportunity for us to focus on providing both our hospitals and candidates the level of application they are looking for, and support in any way we can.
Vasanth Chakilam (Managing Director and NHS Doctor) - “Having spent much of our time servicing England, it is great to be able to offer services in Scotland as well. We see the enormous potential and will continue to work hard to fulfil contracts and service agreement.”




Medline understands that the public sector is not for everyone. That is why we have a dedicated team focused on ensuring we have the best private sector positions available to our candidates too. No matter what your recruitment requirement, our approach is always consultative and highly professional; acting with the gravitas expected at this level. We balance one of our core business values, ‘listening’, with tailored advice borne from our inherent understanding of the marketplace. This allows us to accurately interpret your needs and provide attractive solutions.
We are proud of the reputation we have built, in part due to our success, but also, through the respect, we show to our ever-growing network. We have worked hard to refine and document engagement and communication strategies ensuring clients and candidates are offered an exemplary service.



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